BeTA 2014

Wonder Woman

Last year I stepped out of my comfort zone and went on a retreat to meet a bunch of moms who are raising/have raised very challenging children. I was frightened, but in the end it was worth it. And then this year, I signed up again…and almost backed out. See, I tend to be an introvert. I wasn't always this way. ANYONE that knew me before I had Continue Reading

Walt Disney World Character Greetings, 2013


I mentioned in my previous post that I am planning Dee's 5th birthday celebration at Disney. She is the one who really desires to meet a lot of the characters, so I want to make sure she gets to this time. I mean she has met some her absolute favorites over and over, but she told me recently that she'd like to "meet them all"... Alrighty then. Continue Reading

Walt Disney World Character Greetings, 2011-2012


I've been preparing for our 2014 Disney February birthday trip (Dee is turning 5 [this blows my mind] and Boo is turning the big 1-3!). It will be our first time using Disney's new MagicBands and FastPass+ service (I like the idea of the MagicBands - not sure yet how I feel about the FastPass+. I have heard positives and negatives from friends.)  I Continue Reading

Independence Day 2012


Yes. 2012. Yes, I know it is now 2013. I was actually uploading photos from Independence Day 2013 when I realized that I had never posted any photos or anything from Independence Day 2012. Yeah, I go without posting a lot of things (not on purpose, mind you), but I can't let this one go...because it was the last holiday that we have spent Continue Reading

Chicken Pox Outbreak of 2013

Chicken Pox

Finally! All 10 children are immune to the chicken pox! Our first outbreak, in January 1996, affected our first two children. Our second outbreak in 1999 (or was it 2000?) got the next three...and finally (FINALLY!) the last five were exposed this spring. Anyone who has read my blog for any amount of time knows just how I feel about vaccines -- Continue Reading

Introducing Gracie


We had the best dog in the world. She wasn't even like a pet, but rather a family member. She loved us unconditionally. She was somehow innately tuned into our oldest child's special needs (autistic children wander, have no fear of danger, are impulsive), and saved her life on more than one occasion. We are forever indebted to our Maisy. She spent Continue Reading

All Year Round Blog Carnival: Summer 2013


Summer is nearly half over, and we have yet to live it intentionally. Time to change that! I'm happy once again to be co-hosting the SunnyDayTodayMama's,  All Year Round Blog Carnival: Summer Edition, a collection of summer posts sharing seasonal thoughts, pictures, activities, crafts, recipes, books, art, nature study, projects, celebrations Continue Reading