Congratulations to My 2013 Graduate

My first little boy graduated from high school this year. This little boy (formerly known on this blog as “Gator”) was probably the most wanted and prayed for child in history. He was my first to arrive after we went through two and a half heartbreaking years of secondary infertility. He melted my heart the very first time I saw his face.

Graduation Day

This is the little guy who would scream in his car seat – always, unless we started singing Jingle Bells (at which point he’d stop, mid-scream, and start clapping and smiling). The first song he learned to sing by himself was How Great Thou Art. He loved Blues Clues, Arthur, Zooboomafoo, and Wishbone. Buzz and Woody were his best friends. He always wanted to know everyone’s name — even in passing cars (we’d make up names, like “That’s Dave”, to satisfy him). He wanted every event in life to last exactly “two minutes”.

This little guy knew how to find trouble — graffiti on the garage, painting the carpet, using a screwdriver to unscrew every door knob in the house during nap time. But it was this creative mind (that which got him into so much trouble) that also made him who he is. A comedian. An actor. A singer. The creator of so many amazing projects. The mind of a genius. (Did I mention he taught himself to read at the age of three?!)

Trying desperately to get just ONE decent family shot! – Alex’s Graduation

This is the kid that I have butted heads with over the years. Whether due to his strong Asperger’s and bipolar tendencies, or because he has way too much of his stubborn, intolerant father in him…or maybe because he’s a little too much like his type-A, perfectionist Mama — whatever it is we do clash a lot. He’s made some choices that I don’t agree with, but I love him and I’m proud of him. I have fond memories of sitting at the dining room table doing our homeschool copywork when he was five…and here he is today, [the once too-shy-to-ask-for a-packet-of-ketchup-at-McDonald’s] now a musical theatre major honors graduate of a performing arts high school.

I can’t wait to see what life has in store for him. Whatever he does in life, I am certain that he will give more than 100%.


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