Life in a One-Room Cabin – Coker Creek, TN

If you have been following our saga lately, you may recall that we are currently in limbo between Florida and Tennessee. What you may not know is that, while in Tennessee, we have been living in an approximately 800 square foot 1-room cabin. Three months — 10 to 12 of us at a time.

This may sound like a dreadful experience, but it isn’t as bad as one may think. The facilities are wonderful for a “mountain getaway” or retreat…but long-term living?

Not that bad, really. :) One thing we have learned from the whole experience is…we don’t *need* as much space as we tend to think we do. The cabin *is* small, but honestly, the only things that have made it uncomfortable for long-term living are the lack of a bathtub (there are two showers, but no tub), the lack of laundry facilities (I had been toting our laundry to a friend’s house daily to wash), and the lack of privacy in the “master bedroom” (an open loft area). The kitchen is really too small as well, but it has sufficed.

“Cabin 2″ Exterior

On each side of the cabin are 4 built-in bunks (sleeping for 8 total)
Rob built custom drawers to fit underneath the bunks for extra storage

The kitchen area

Looking toward the front door

One of the two nearly identical bathrooms
(each has a small closet next to the shower)

Loft, where Baby Dee and I sleep

View from the loft

Looking in, from the front door

As we make plans to move permanently to East Tennessee, and draw up plans for our permanent residence, I no longer feel the need to have as much physical space as I once imagined. As you can see, we made use of space through the use of storage drawers that we constructed and hanging organizers in the kitchen and bathroom from Ikea. This is a shout out to other larger than average families who have gotten by in smaller spaces: what kind of solutions did you come up with to make it work? Please leave a comment and let me know.

And for those looking for a mountain getaway with their family or church group, please check out Smoky Mountain Christian Camp. These cabins, as well as similar cabins and bunkhouses are available to rent. Beautiful area. Reasonable cost. Nice facilities. And very friendly staff.


  1. Ceecee says

    As I look at the pictures of this cabin, I think of Laura Ingals Wilder of Little House on the Prarie fame. The Ingals family would think this cabin was a mansion. They would go wild with joy at all the space. The refridgerator would make Carolyn Ingals just gasp. Space and size and luxury are truly relative concepts.


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