Mayfield Corn Maze – Athens, TN


Last weekend was the opening weekend for the Mayfield Farm Corn Maze in Athens, TN. So I packed the van up, with my group and several neighbor children, and headed out.

Corn Maze

The Good:

The children all had a great time, although it was a bit hot in the corn maze (fall-like weather hasn’t made much of an appearance yet). Outside of the corn maze there were plenty of places to sit in the shade; a big plus! And there was plenty to do for all ages.

Corn Box

The younger kids didn’t care for the maze itself as much as the older kids did, but they enjoyed the sandbox, the corn box, and the bird seed box, as well as the hay bale jump, the moon bounce, and “milking” the wooden cow.

Milking the Wooden Cow

There was a corn hole game set up, which would have been enjoyable, had the weather not been so hot, and a local Christian radio station was broadcasting live on this particular day. (Gator and Ant were THRILLED to have been able to speak live on the air).

The maze itself was different than I’d ever seen, as it had a Christian theme. At certain checkpoints throughout the maze, you could answer Biblical trivia. The correct answer would point you in the right direction. The environment over all, was Christian; very family friendly. Several of the workers appeared to be volunteers from various church youth groups.

The Bad:

The admission was a bit pricey at $10 per person (it is regularly $8, but there were Christian music artists performing on this date, so they were charging $2 more). I suppose if you only had a couple of children, this may not be a financial hardship, but for us… *sigh* Most places offer group rates for groups of 10 or more (that’s us!) There were 17 of us in one group, but no discount.

Also for that price, I think all activities should be included, but they weren’t. Pedal cars, corn cannons, cow train, and the pumpkin patch all cost more money. $1 each PER PERSON. Seriously? (You do the math). Obviously, much to the disappointment of the children, we sat these activities out.

The other complaint I have was that there were no water fountains anywhere. You could BUY water, for $1 a bottle, but you couldn’t go to a fountain for a free drink.

Overall, though, I give the place 2 thumbs up, primarily because of the Christian environment it provides. A rare find these days.

Mayfield Corn Maze Album


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    We just started our October fall farm “blitz” this past weekend (will blog on it soon, hopefully). Here in the country every farm has something going on… pony rides, mazes, etc.

    BUT, we have nothing “Christian” at all like that – that’s pretty cool! Everything – & I do mean everything – here has some dumb “spooky” halloweenish thing going on. We don’t do that so it’s annoying to no end.

    Maybe we’ll catch some maze this year… last year the one we did felt neverending!


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