More Baby Birthday Photos

Yes, I finally managed to get those photos uploaded to the computer. It was quite a task (you know, actually taking the memory card out of the camera and placing it into the little slot at the side of my computer) — I’m exhausted now…so you can forgive my delay, right? ;)

Okay, enough with the sarcasm. On to the cuteness…

Baby’s first real experience with cake was priceless, but took place during her father’s and oldest sister’s absence, so we had to have a second birthday celebration a few days later (I told you she was the princess).

I think she loved her chocolate cake just as much the second time around!



We also waited until the whole family could participate for DeeDee to open her gifts. She *really* likes the drum set! You should see her rock out like Animal, from the Muppets.




And those soft blocks are wonderful! Big brother Rey can hurl them across the room without risking bodily injury to anyone.


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