Christmas 2009

Just sharing a few photos and captions to recap our family’s Christmas season….

Another strange Florida winter. As I write this in January, while experiencing one of the coldest winters on record for Tampa Bay (sleet and flurries this morning), December saw temperatures ranging from the 30s to the 80s. It’s no wonder flu season hit everyone so hard this year.

As we were decorating the house in the weeks following Thanksgiving, we were being relentlessly attacked by mosquitoes, and on December 9, our air-conditioning quit, prompting us to have to open all the windows and play outside where there was a breeze, while temperatures inside the house reached into the 80s.



Above:  Dinky Tumblina, clad in Santa hat,
keeps Scout from escaping through the open window

Below:  Porch decked out for Christmas
while a bird-of-paradise blooms in the background



Baby “Dee Dee” enjoying playing barefoot outdoors
…in front of the Christmas decorations and pointsettias


….and keeping cool by playing with water


“DeeDee” vs. The Christmas Tree

I knew that interior decorating would present a bit of a challenge with baby Dee’s mobility, but I thought we could simply solve the problem with the whole gate-around-the-tree trick. Right?




Nothing stops this baby!
(Who, by the way, is also climbing out of her crib!)

A Visit with the Clauses and Gingerbread Houses

For the third year in a row, our neighborhood hosted a visit with “Santa and Mrs. Claus” and a gingerbread (or in this case, graham cracker) house building event. For the children, it was an opportunity to consume entirely too much candy. For me, it was a photo op!


Above, From left:  Dinky Tumblina (11), Gator (14),  Curly Top (6), Cricket (7),
Rey (4), Boo (8), Dee (10 months), being held by Ant (13), Lefty (10)
[Audrey (18) not pictured)]

Below:  And since Rob came home for a couple weeks to spend Christmas
with the family, we talked a neighbor into getting a shot of all of us.



Constructing the “gingerbread” houses



I think there was more eating going on than constructing!



Above:  The girls’ house
Below:  The boys’ house


Below: Cricket makes friends with “Mrs. Claus”


More Christmas Fun


Above:  Six young L——-s dress up during the living Nativity


Above:  Yes, cruel — I know.
When I found an elf and a Claus cat costume for 75% off at Target,
I just couldn’t resist dressing up the Siamese twins.

Never fear; the torture didn’t last for long — only long enough to get a few photos.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We were thrilled that Audrey made the trip from the great white North (Massachusetts), joining us in celebrating Christmas. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without having all my children under the same roof!


Above:   An excited “Boo” opens up one of her traditional Christmas Eve gifts — pajamas!

Below:  Oh no! Every year I get a picture of all of the children together in their new pajamas…but I didn’t realize until after the fact that I didn’t this year. :( I snapped this lovely photo of the six girls, while the boys were off assembling a couple of Christmas gifts next door. I had intended to get a shot of everyone when they returned. *sniff sniff*  I’m so absent-minded!


Below:  “Dee’s” first Christmas


Below:  Rey, clad in his new pajamas, opens up
his second traditional Christmas Eve gift — a new ornament!



Fun Reactions!

Above:  Gator reacts to receiving a season of his favorite television show
Below:  Boo, Cricket, and Curly Top react to seeing their new dolls


Below:  Dee’s favorite gift!


Baby Dee loves music — LOVES music! She has slobbered many a cell phone and iPod to death while trying to “share” tunes with her siblings. So I Googled “baby mp3 player” and found this.
Definitely a hit! Highly recommended by this mom of ten!

Below:  The Christmas Dinner Table
70 degrees = Christmas Dinner on the patio



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