Labor Day Fun 2009

It was a bittersweet “Labor Day”, due only in part to Rob’s recent job loss, but we celebrated, Florida-style.  The weather was perfect, so we gathered with our neighbors at the neighborhood clubhouse for games and sundaes by the pool.

First came the Hula-Hooping Contest; an activity for which my children are semi-famous. (They’ve never lost a hula hoop contest yet!)

Labor Day 1

Next was the Limbo!

Labor Day 6

Above: the limbo line
Below: Boo gets down low

Labor Day 7

Below: Awww, Dinky! So close!
(She usually wins the limbo! 3rd place this time. Nice try!)

Labor Day 8

The Duck Races to follow were a lot of fun! First the children had the chance to decorate their own duckies.

Labor Day 3b

Labor Day 3

Above: Rey colors his duck with such concentration
Below: Curly-Top, Rey, Boo, and Dinky Tumblina

Labor Day 2

Then they raced their duckies by splashing.

Labor Day 5

Labor Day 4

But the real splashing came during the Splash Contest!

Labor Day 9

Above: Rey leaps joyfully into the pool.
He just LOVES the water!

Labor Day 10

Above: Curly-Top “cannonballs”
Below: Boo scores a perfect 10 with her splash

Labor Day 11

This next event should come with a “Don’t try this at home” disclaimer.  Fun, if not polite. Watermelon Seed Spitting!

[Seriously though, I think this is an ingenius idea!  A roll of craft paper and one large watermelon, and my kids could easily have an entire afternoon of entertainment. I may have to try this at home after all — outdoors of course.]

Labor Day 15

Labor Day 16

The Bubble-Gum Blowing Contest was kind of a flop where my kids were concerned. I am one of those mean mommies who rarely allows gum in the house. I’ve had way too much experience with gum in carpets, in hair, and on clothing. So, not much opportunity for our children to practice their bubble-blowing. They sure did try though!

Labor Day 12 Labor Day 13 Labor Day 14

And to wrap up the day,  no holiday would be complete without a Sundae Bar!

Labor Day 17

Kudos to Amy, our activity director, for another great time!


  1. francesca says

    I’m sorry to know about your husband’s job. Let’s hope he will find another one soon. I never heard about the watermelon seeds spitting … I should teach it to Elisa and her friends!


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