Easter 2009

I know it’s late, but I have been sternly admonished by my 11-year-old for failing to upload a post about Easter. So here goes, Dinky Tumblina!

I know I had stated that we were going to avoid the egg hunts and such this year, focusing instead on the Christian aspects of the holiday; the Resurrection. However, we were invited to attend two separate egg hunts, so we went. Gotta be neighborly, ya know.

easter2009_0163 copy

All Ten Children: Easter 2009
Back: Ant (12), Audrey (17), Gator (14)
Front: Cricket (6), Curly-Top (5), Lefty (9), Dinky Tumblina (11),
holding DeeDee (2 months), Rey (3), & Boo (8)

First, our next door neighbors planned a delightful Easter brunch and egg hunt for several of our neighbors on Easter morning. We had planned to only attend briefly before church, but we never ended up making it to church at all. Rob was feeling ill, and none of the children wanted to leave the brunch, so we spent the morning there, at “Mrs. Elizabeth’s” house, where they enjoyed food, an egg hunt, a bounce house, bean bag toss, and socializing.


Rey (above) and Cricket (below) sporting their “cheese-y” Easter grins.



Above: I rocked the baby to sleep, and nearly rocked myself to sleep in the process!
Below: Audrey


Below: The oldest boys
Have you ever noticed they can NEVER be serious for a photo


After leaving “Mrs. Elizabeth’s” house, and before finishing off the day relaxing by the pool, we went down to the neighborhood clubhouse for the huge Easter hunt (as well as games, such as the egg toss).



Above: Lefty found one of the prized “Camo eggs”
Below: Curly-Top with her stash of eggs


Below: Let the Egg Games Begin!



Above: A smug (and very goofy) Dinky prior to the egg toss
Below: An “egged” Dinky. Guess who
didn’t win the egg toss?



  1. says

    I know everytime I actually comment I say just how wonderful it is to see your HUGE (as in amount) family. I am ever so slightly jealous. What a gorgeous Easter picture and everyone is looking. How does that happen? I only have 3 and they are always looking in 3 different directions. Ha! I just read the comment above and see we had the same thing in mind.

    Anyway, when I have the time to read blogs, I love looking at yours and I smile really big. God has blessed you with a full quiver. I know quivers are made in diffent sizes is there still room in yours?


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