It just flew right on by with only one tiny update from me, and yet February is always our busiest month!

(You guessed it; this is going to be one of those “I’m-making-up-for-not-posting-in-nearly-a-month-by-putting-updates-on-100-different-topics-in-one-post” entries. And, as expected, it will contain a whole bunch of photos…because I think my children are adorable!)

Besides adapting to life with a newborn in the house again, starting school back after a lengthy break…then Valentine’s Day and our 18th anniversary (which we chose to postpone for a month, but I know the husband will likely forget about…hmph!), there were also…

Three Birthdays!


Boo celebrated her 8th birthday in the neighborhood park/playground, with Hello Kitty cupcakes, games, several of her neighbor friends, and all of her siblings.

(Methinks she liked the Love Monkey)


For his 14th birthday, Gator opted for a trip to Romano’s for a private birthday dinner (yes, we did embarrass him by having the staff sing to him), and a family-only party, for which he chose a very um….interesting cake.

Leave it to the family comedian to choose a litter-box cake.


Dinky Tumblina chose to celebrate her 11th birthday by hanging out with three of her closest friends.


We bought this house last summer. It was the UGLIEST house in the neighborhood — no joke. Drab gray in color; graced by a combination of no landscaping and dead landscaping. Dead grass (live weeds though.) UGLY. Just plain UGLY. But the price was too good to pass up. The bargain price finally allowed us the ability to buy a home in the state of Florida, the second most overinflated real estate market in the nation.

The home was, in fact “brand new” (as in “never lived in”). It had been built by an investor who hoped to flip it for a huge profit…just before the real-estate market tanked. It was subsequently foreclosed on and we bought it from the bank for a fraction of the original cost. This (price) was worth living with the effects of three years of neglect…until now.

We spent the last weekend of February re-landscaping the entire front of the house. (“We” meaning the boys…primarily Gator). I am pleased with the results. (Can’t wait for everything to “fill in” — the annuals and perennials we chose are all spreading plants).

The day we looked at the house: May 18, 2008

A Work In Progress

February 23, 2009

A Visit from Grandpa

The day we were finishing up the landscaping, my dad and his girlfriend stopped in to visit for a few hours on their way from Florida back to Indiana. The children only see him once a year, so I took advantage of the photo op.


Any entry of mine just would not be complete without making mention of my sweet baby girl, who turned one month old in February…but I have enough mommy-brag in me to post an entire photo-filled entry just for her…so stay tuned! I’ll try to get the latest photos uploaded tonight.


  1. Sandpiper says

    I have to say that the kitty litter cake grossed me out! I’m sure it tasted better than it looked!!
    Your house looks great! Ours is ugly too, but we’re fixing it up as we can afford to.
    Hope you’re betting some sleep!


  2. Eunice says

    Oh the cake! My sweetest friend in the whole wide world made one of those for our church gathering years ago. Creative – yes, but I could NOT eat it! A little too realistic for my taste :O)

    Please tell Gator that the yard looks fantastic! He should go out there with a nice cool glass of sweet tea and sit in that rocker and look at his mighty fine work and feel a sense of accomplishment. Great job!


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