New Pajamas for Christmas

We started a Christmas tradition when our oldest was just a baby; giving two gifts on Christmas Eve — a new pair of pajamas and a new ornament for everyone.

After uploading this years’ Christmas pajama photo, I went through my photo files (back to 2002, when we went digital) to compare photos from the previous years. I am shocked at how much the children have changed over the years (and even more shocked to see that I didn’t take any pajama photos in 2004 or 2005 :( )

This Year – Christmas Pajamas Photo 2008

Now tell me, WHY can’t these two oldest boys just be serious for ONE photo?

Photos from Christmases Past:


The year of the mismatched pajamas
(I generally try to coordinate)


Apparently this year’s theme was “monkeys”!

Ant had been crying in this picture. If my memory serves there had been an
altercation with his older brother just seconds before the picture was taken.
…And his lip was still sporting the evidence of his counter-diving incident a couple weeks prior


The super-heroes!

Dinky says she remembers this year vividly.
This is because she was upset that everyone else
received pajamas and she merely received a nightgown.
(How on Earth does she remember these things?)


Finger-sucking time!
Yes, a total of FIVE of my children had this habit —
sucking the two middle fingers on their dominant hand.


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