December, and My Birthday

Wow! It is so hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner — as in THREE DAYS AWAY!

The month of December has just FLOWN by — and I am not ready. I seem to have fallen behind on everything, especially keeping in touch with people (through email, blog, facebook…). I haven’t even gotten Christmas cards ordered or in the mail…or even a Christmas letter written for that matter! It looks like Christmas cards will not be leaving from our home this year. Even despite my best intentions last year, it didn’t even completely happen. Last year I even had cards bought, signed, and addressed, but never made it to the post office. Local people got theirs, but the others are still sitting in my closet. *blush* I think, given the busy-ness of this time of year, I may just scrap the whole idea of Christmas cards altogether, and send out Easter cards in the spring instead.

Anyway…last Wednesday, December 17th, was my birthday.

The 9th Anniversary of My 29th Birthday

My 38th birthday… I had meant to blog about it, with photos, but life just sort of got in the way. (I’m in deep water with my oldest child, Audrey, because I had promised her some pictures. Well, here they are — just delayed by five days.)

It was a great day! I don’t like getting older, but if I have to do it, there’s no one else I’d rather do it with than these children — and no where else I’d rather grow old than the state of Florida! (it seems the entire rest of the country has been having some AWFUL weather lately — it even snowed in Las Vegas — YIKES! — but it has been beautiful here! Growing up in Indiana, I rarely was even able to have a birthday party. My mom’s excuse, “No, we’ll make plans, then everyone will end up being snowed in.” Not a problem anymore. I spent my birthday this year at the beach! But I’m getting ahead of myself here.)

The day started off with my being treated to breakfast in bed. Ant (12) made me some eggs-in-a-basket and coffee, while Gator (13) brought in some Clementines; peeled and laid out in a decorative pattern on a plate. While I ate, the boys got the rest of the children breakfast, then loaded the van up for a trip down to St. Pete.

We left just after 10am, stopping first at the outdoor market in downtown St. Petersburg. Overall I was unimpressed with the offerings this time, but there was one merchant there who was great! He was a photographer (I wish I would have gotten his card), taking mostly photos of sunsets and Florida wildlife (two of my greatest passions). He spoke with the children at great length, explaining to them just how he was able to capture certain shots, and encouraging them, especially Lefty, in their photographic endeavors.

It wasn’t a terrible thing that the market was puny this time, because this was the first time in weeks I had really tried to walk, due to the SPD, and I did not want to overdo it.  So, after the market, we met Rob (who works nearby) at Northshore park for a quick picnic lunch, before heading over to the beach.


Gator took this picture of me while at Northshore.
Is that a big belly, or what?!!!

Wow! What a perfect beach day it was! You couldn’t ASK for nicer weather! Praise the Lord! (Here come the photos, Audrey!)

Shortly after arriving at the beach, Rey (3) began making me a birthday cake.


Which he presented to me, while singing “Happy Birthday”…


Before blowing out the candle himself.


And Boo wrote me a love note in the sand:


Meanwhile, her majesty, the Princess (10 year old Dinky), was making sure that no one would enter her “personal space”.


When the boundary lines and “Keep Out” sign (written in the sand) didn’t work, she chose to resort to other measures; building a wall around her kingdom, with her brother’s help.



She even added a moat…


and a door for crabs to enter…(so, sand crabs are allowed to enter, but siblings are not?)


She was quite proud of her accomplishment.


And the boys made their own versions of sand beds.


What is wrong with this picture? Texting on his cell phone? While at the beach?! A sign of the times!


Although, I do admit that I was briefly on my cell phone as well. Audrey called. She said she was on a school bus in Indiana. There had been a two hour delay that morning, and the roads were still slippery on the way home. The bus was moving at a crawl, and there were cars in the ditch everywhere. I can’t remember what she said the temperature was — teens? twenties? Anyway, I snapped this picture for her while I was on the phone:


Just sharing the warmth. :)

Rob met us at the beach after he got off work, just as the sun was setting, so we had to stay and watch the sunset. I figure the closest thing to being there is to see photos as the sunset progresses, so I had to share. Doesn’t God paint beautiful pictures?













Which one is your favorite?

After sunset, we all went out to a pasta dinner at Romano’s, before splitting up again (Rob in his van, the rest of us in ours) and heading home, arriving home nearly 12 hours after we left that morning.


It was a great day!


  1. says

    Happy 9th Anniversary of your 29th Birthday!!! Wow, that is just brilliant– I love it!

    You have an amazing baby belly- gorgeous!

    What a lovely day at the beach for y’all. We’ve had lots of odd weather– freezing cold and then really warm. Lots of clouds but very mild today. If I can’t have a white Christmas, at least I’m not freezing my butt off, right?


  2. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for years but rarely comment. Your pictures were so gorgeous that I couldn’t leave without telling you how much I enjoyed them. I could never choose a favorite sunset picture; I love the progression of your pictures. (I miss Florida, living up here in the cold northeast!!) Your daughter’s moat is very impressive, and I love that crabs are allowed in but not siblings! Sounds like something my kiddos would say…

    I saw that you’re on Facebook and I sent a friends request but accidentally hit send before I could write a note explaining who I was! :)

    Oh, and your baby belly is beautiful!



  3. Jen @ JenuineJen says

    I’m a little late posting but am just now getting caught up on my feeds. This looks like a fabulous day. My favorite photo is the golden sunset behind the dunes with a bird flying in the sky.

    Hope you have a wonderful 2009!



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