Gingerbread House Fun

A Sweet Tradition

Although our family has many Christmas traditions, one of the children’s favorites is a tradition that we began just last year — making “gingerbread” houses!

I have tried in the past, honestly. But real gingerbread is just so difficult to work with. I never thought about making the candy houses with graham crackers until last year, when it was a neighborhood activity that our family participated in. The children LOVED it!

This past weekend, the activity was repeated here at our neighborhood clubhouse (I am hopeful that it will be a yearly event), so while the girls worked on their house, and the boys on theirs, I made sure to take lots of photos.

Supplies needed: Some sort of base (cardboard boxes and a foam board), frosting, graham crackers, assorted candies and other foods (pretzels, marshmallows, etc), and a child’s imagination!

The Girls

Just getting starting – an almost blank canvas

P1000029 P1000047
P1000048 P1000050
The Girls – Teamwork

“Cricket”, paying close attention to detail

P1000043 gingerbread7
Baby brother joins in to “help”

The finished project

The Boys

P1000058 P1000081 P1000082
P1000083 P1000085 P1000099 P1000100 P1000102

The Finishing Touches!
“Gator” wanted me to be sure to point out the satellite dish. See it?

P1000105 P1000107


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