A Ray of Hope


From worst to World Series – that is what we have seen from the Tampa Bay Rays in just one short year. Is it the name change, as I have heard several suggest (having removed the “Devil” from the name this season)? Is it a boost in morale from millions of dollars spent on renovations to the Trop? Or is it just the result of a whole teamful of hardworking individuals pulling together and giving all they’ve got? Whatever it is, they have certainly got it!

It is exciting to see the electricity in the Tampa Bay area — to see a fan base building up; to see people finally taking notice of the underdog. In the almost four years that we have lived in the bay area, it has been sad to see so little fanfare — with the Trop sitting nearly vacant even during promotional events…and to hear a team of young men with dreams since Little League being the fodder of late night talk show hosts.

In November 2007, majority owner Stuart Sternberg decided to make drastic changes and renamed his team the “Tampa Bay Rays”, which he described as “A beacon that radiates throughout Tampa Bay and across the entire state of Florida.”

All I can say is, “Way to go boys! You made it!”
Will the Rays win the World Series? I hope so — but even if they don’t, our family is proud of their “home” team. They’ve come a long way.


  1. says

    Being somewhat newbies to FL, we haven’t really gotten into rooting for a home team, but with the Gators having a homeschooled guy as their qb and the Rays doing such a great job beating our brother inlaws team.. we have had a lot of fun lately rooting for our Home Teams now. :-)


  2. Michele says

    I’m not a sports person, but dh is just glad that Boston isn’t in it LOL…

    I left you a little something at my new blog; will probably post it on HSB too. Don’t worry about responding, but it’s there to check out. Scroll down a bit to see.

    Hope all is well!


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