Babies Should Not Snore

Audrey snored terribly when she was a baby. I had heard that it could be a sign of apnea, and it concerned me. I took her to the doctor, who pooh-poohed my concerns. Over the years, as Audrey grew, her snoring became worse and worse — to where she would choke and gasp for air. I approached yet another doctor with concerns…that maybe her tonsils should be removed. “We don’t do that routinely anymore,” I was told.

I wasn’t talking about “routinely”, this was an UNUSUAL case…but no one would listen. It got to the point where Audrey would get a virus and her tonsils would swell so much that they would completely obstruct her airway. That happened just this year.

Finally, we got someone to listen. At the age of 16, Audrey’s tonsils were finally removed. Her snoring has stopped, she can breathe normally, and she feels like a completely different person!

Little Rey had the same problem — TERRIBLE snoring, at only the age of two. Snorting and gasping for air several times during the night. Poor little guy. We refused to make him suffer for the 16 years that his sister did, so we bypassed the pediatrician altogether and took him directly to the ENT. As we suspected, his tonsils were enlarged and partially obstructing his airway. Less than a week later, on July 2, his tonsils and adenoids were removed.

Little Rey following surgery

Praise the Lord, the snoring is now completely gone and he now sleeps very peacefully.

While I am not an advocate of indiscriminately medicating or performing surgery on children, there are some cases where there IS certainly a need.



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