The Week in Photos

Just like last week, I didn’t blog much, so I will (again) do a photo entry of my week.


I already covered Sunday — The Photoless Mother’s Day, and the first of three days spent at the beach this week, in hopes that the salt air would clear my lungs.

Monday & Tuesday

After loading photos off my camera, I realized that Monday and Tuesday appear to be photoless days as well. Hmmm. I’m slacking.

I can’t think of anything earth-shattering from those days. Mondays and Tuesdays always kind of blend together for me. I know on Monday we went to the chiropractor in the a.m, while on Tuesday we hung out at the playground and did our schoolwork there in the morning. The weather was GORGEOUS this week. I know on both days we took the older kids to play practice in the evening, while the rest of us had a picnic and playtime at a local park near the theater. That’s all I really remember from the early part of this last week…


Wednesday was a “Ferris Bueller” kind of day.

Not a cloud in the sky, unseasonably mild temperatures, and a weather report stating that the humidity would be high again by the weekend, drove us to call off school for the afternoon, and Rob to work only a half day. We knew that this would be the last of Florida’s mild season.

Rob met us (the homeschoolers) at a gulf-coast park playground at about 1 o’clock. The children ate their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while I watched the squirrels begging for bread crust and snapped photos of birds.

“Woody Woodpecker”


We then headed down the road to the beach, one we’d never been to before, for some relaxation.



Sandhill fun! Here’s where the Floridian kids have just as much fun as their Northern counterparts. All one needs to do is discover a big hill of sand…


For some sand-rolling…


And sand belly-sledding (?) fun!


I think by the end of the day, someone was a little tired.



On Thursday, Curly Top (4) decided to do her own hair! Didn’t she do a remarkable job? ;)
(She was so proud!)




On Thursday evening, we headed over to local middle prison school, where my sons were being honored with trophies (for having been on the honor roll all year).


It’s kind of funny — I KNOW Gator is small in stature. I mean, his little brother is taller than he is! But while Gator is ALWAYS complaining that he is shorter than “everyone” he knows, I didn’t fully believe it until I saw this photo of him with his peers!


Okay, son. Maybe you are shorter than “everyone”…but you’ll grow — I promise. I’m fairly certain you’ll never play for the NBA, but you will pass me up someday!

Great job on the grades, boys! Keep up the good work!


Friday was the day when Rob got a little taste of my life.

He took five of the children to the pediatrician’s office and to get hair cuts while Boo and I hung out at the beach. Needless to say, he was exasperated by the time he returned to the beach to pick us up. I knew exactly which two children wore him down so much! — the same two that wear me out every single day! The four-year-old and the two-year-old — Curly Top and Rey. I couldn’t help but smile a little while being informed of their antics. (And he couldn’t help but smile a little at my sunburn. With my Mediterranean complexion I never get sunburned! I guess I should never say never, huh?) So I guess we’re even.

While making our mad dash from the beach to get home and cleaned up in time to make it to a 6:00 birthday party for a neighbor boy, I happened to glance in the back seat and notice this:


Ack!!! When I questioned, I was informed that his shoes could not be found. Only a man would allow a two-year-old to run around barefoot all day — in doctor’s offices and barber shops….ewww! I was mortified! (I couldn’t even bear to look at the bottoms of his feet!) BOYS! (Men!)

Thank you, God, for making skin washable.

We managed to get the little fella cleaned up, and everyone survived a night of sensory-overload and excessive sugar-consumption at Chuck E. Cheese.


The highlights of Saturday were the birdhouse painting party, and a family movie night. Benny and Joon (Gator is a huge Johnny Depp fan).


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