Parrish Civil War Train Raid

Is this cheating? Writing a post that details my Wordless Wednesday photo? ;)

While our Civil War re-enactment company headed up to Andersonville for the weekend, we opted for a smaller, less time-consuming event to attend…so we headed down to Parrish, Florida, home of the Florida Railroad Museum.

Eight of the children in their 1860s garb

The Florida Railroad Museum is unique in that it features several restored historical railroad cars that you can actually ride! — and this weekend re-enactors (that’s us) could actually ride for free as part of the “Parrish train raid” reenactment. This was a nice little event (it was the first time we’d attended). It was definitely not an authentic event (Robert Niepert of the Fla. Reenactors online described it like this:

If you are looking for a period correct event, this is not it. Civil War soldiers portraying the 1860’s attack a 1960 locomotive pulling passenger cars from the 1940’s in an area where electric utility poles and other modern intrusions are prolific.)

but the kids really enjoyed it. The train ride was about 90 minutes long, and quite relaxing — traveling through Florida’s countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Just prior to boarding the train there was a short battle between the two opposing forces, in which the Yankees fled — only to “raid” the train near the end of the ride.

Yes, this is my youngest SON. In the 1860s boys wore
dresses until they were potty-trained, and often beyond


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    I love how precious your kids look! What fun to dress up and go on a real train ride… Well, except for your youngest. hehehee… I’m sure he won’t be living that down for a very long time!

    We still give my little brother a hard time about wearing a girl’s swimsuit when he was 2 or 3 years old. It only keeps coming up because my mom has a picture of all of us (including him in the girls swimsuit) on the wall of the den. I guess it could’ve been worse for him, at least it wasn’t a bikini! LOL


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