The Prize Basket


This is for those of you following my posts on the topic of home management and children’s chores — a photo of the “prize basket”.

As mentioned in the children’s chores post, the prize basket contains all sorts of goodies for which points (earned for diligent work) can be traded. The most expensive thing in the basket cost me $5.00 — the cheapest, just pennies. Most items were a dollar or two.


Point values are marked on the items with Sharpie. You can clearly see one marked 50/100. This means that the “cost” for this item is 50 points for the oldest four “buddies” , or 100 for the youngest four (who do about half the work).


  1. Michele says

    Thanks for these posts too. I am trying to figure out how to do this with my kiddos. My 9yr old often bears the burden of doing the most, being he’s the most capable. My 5 yr old can do quite a bit though, & needs a bit of a push to do more (these points might work). The baby has already tried which I’d like to get him to continue, but he’s young to understand the rewards yet, & my autistic kiddo could care less about the rewards, & needs tons of supervision & guidance to help out at all, which actually creates more work for us LOL! Ahhh, anyway… sorry to go on!


  2. Ellie says

    Wow, Janne, thank you for this!! This is just perfect for the youngest two boys. Robyn, who is 15, is not so bad..though when she is at driving age, I am sure I could use this system for the car….


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