Thursday Thirteen #12 – Florida Sunsets

Thirteen Things about Janne


Thirteen Florida Sunsets:

If you have read my “about me” page, you have seen that sunsets are one of my passions — so I thought for this Thursday Thirteen, I’d share some of my Florida sunsets with y’all! Which one is your favorite?

  1. Downtown St. Petersburg, FLsunset1
  2. Clearwater Beach, FLsunset2
  3. Redington Beach, FLsunset3
  4. Redington Beach, FLsunset4
  5. Redington Beach, FLsunset5
  6. Redington Beach, FLsunset6
  7. Redington Beach, FLsunset7
  8. Redington Beach, FLsunset8
  9. Weeki Wachee, FLsunset9
  10. Pine Island Beach, FLsunset10
  11. A salt marsh in Hernando County, FLsunset11
  12. Weekie Wachee, FLsunset12
  13. Clearwater Beach, FLsunset13

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  1. says

    I actually like the Clearwater shots. But they are all Beautiful!! My family and I are going to Daytona and Orlando this summer. Can’t wait.

    By the way, I’m still laughing at the dirt eating picture!! I actually have a daughter that tried that one. What a mess!!


  2. skittles says

    #9 is my fave. It was a hard choice but the colors are awesome. Those are all great shots. I would love to someday be there in person. ;)

    Thank You for visiting my blog. I couldn’t believe who Joey looked either. I had seen the previews for it all week but didn’t believe it. LOL


  3. says

    WOW! AWESOME pictures! Hard to pick just one favorite. I’m partial to the beach sunsets, where there is nothing but water and ski. These are all wonderful pictures.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT. You are welcome to stop by any time. I share stories like those all the time. :o)

    Hope you have a blessed Thursday!


  4. Shannon says

    So glad you stopped by my site and told me what you had posted…my best friend lives in Tampa and the St. Pete’s sunset reminded me of her. I miss her horribly!
    I looked through your blog and was very interested…I plan on stopping by again!!!


  5. Frigga says

    How can the sun SET over the water in Florida? I thought it rises over the water, on it’s path out west. But I could be a total braindead on these things. In anycase they are very beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!


  6. says

    ooh that’s my neck of the woods!!! i have a clearwater sunset with a pirate ship in the background hanging on my wall actually! it really is beautiful here (and who knew hernando county was that beautiful too!!) thanks for sharing! reminds me what a nice place it is to live in. happy tt! thanks for stopping by!



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