Thursday Thirteen #10 – Easter

Thirteen Things about Janne
A Thursday Thirteen Easter List:Things I plan to do this year:

  1. Color Easter eggs with the children
  2. Make Easter dresses for the girls (good luck with that! I haven’t begun yet, and it three days until Easter!)
  3. Make Resurrection rolls
  4. Make Resurrection eggs
  5. “Recycle” the children’s eggs into egg salad and deviled eggs

Things I miss about Easter, being on a diet:

  1. Chocolate bunnies…oh! and those Cadbury eggs!
  2. Peeps!
  3. Jelly beans – especially Jelly Bellies!
  4. Big fattening Easter brunches at overpriced restaurants

Easter Memories:

  1. Sadly, I wasn’t raised in a Christian home. Easter was the day I usually went to church with my next door neighbors.
  2. My dad used to do Easter up BIG! I can remember waking up to find a big basket next to my bed, then following a jellybean and plastic egg trail all through the house, picking them up as I went — finally arriving at the BIG PRIZE at the end! Chocolate bunnies and fully stuffed Easter baskets, complete with a big stuffed bunny!
  3. Every year, when we lived in the farm house, I would get an Easter morning picture of my children all sitting on the big green porch swing. It was always fun to see how our family changed on that porch swing from year to year.
  4. Solid chocolate bunnies and thick plastic eggs. Remember when the chocolate bunnies were SOLID? Now they are the wimpy gutless shells of a bunny. And when did the eggs go from being the thick plastic that you could almost step on without breaking them, to the brittle disposable creations that they are today…nearly breaking as you take the two halves apart? I used to play with the plastic eggs well beyond Easter. They were treasure hiders, sandbox toys…you name it. And remember those BIG plastic eggs that pantyhose used to come in? You knew you were in for a real Easter treat when you found some of those hidden among the Easter egg stash!

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