Thursday Thirteen #7 – Linguistic Errors

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I am a “language person”…meaning I have a really difficult time when people slaughter the English language. Here are 13 of my major pet peeves:

1.  Pronouncing nuclear as “nucular”
2.  Saying “ideal” instead of idea
3.  Saying “axed” instead of asked
4.  Saying “exspecially” instead of especially
5.  Saying “snuck” instead of sneaked
6.  The misuse of “well” vs. “good”
7.  The improper use of adverbs – “He did that quick” rather than “quickly”
8.  Double negatives (AAAAGGGHHH!!!!)
9.  The use of “ain't” (I don't care if it's in the dictionary)
10.Saying “diabetis” instead of diabetes
11.Using “don't” when “doesn't” should be used
12.Improper use of plurals (such as “deers” or “gooses”)
13.Omitting the verb “to be” in conversation. “She gone.” or “Where she go?”

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  1. Leigh2 says

    I share most of your pet peeves…I just want to scream sometimes listening to some people. But then again, I regularly slaughter the Englich language on my blog, so I guess I should cut folks some slack. LOL


  2. MuckFootMom says

    I say snuck. Is sneaked really correct? And sometimes I say good instead of well. I think there was one other I sometimes do. But you didn’t list *my* pet peeve, which is when people say “needs washed” (or mowed, or whatever) instead of either “needs to be washed” OR “needs washing” …

    Oh, and I know this is incorrect, but sometimes I say “squoze” instead of squeezed. LOL!


  3. Jane says

    I feel the same way. I think people are just lazy!

    By the way, your blog is so ADORABLE. I love the whole look. This is my first visit but I will be back.

    My T13 list is up and I would love for you to stop by for a visit.


  4. LilRosebud says

    This one really gets under my skin. When I hear children making any of these mistakes I lovingly correct them, no matter whose child it happens to be. I must be a pain in the neck to other parents. Oh, bother. I mean well.

    I love this 13 thing. I am going to look at your previous ones. So, peek in on them to see any new comments from me.



  5. Wystful1 says

    I agree whole heartedly!! Another one what I find so unexplainably stupid sounding is EXcaped instead of EScaped. And anywayS instead of anyway. Trivial I know, but still…….

    My T T is up


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