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Repairing Damaged CDs

If you have children, as most of us at homeschoolblogger do, then you probably have the same problem I do — numerous scratched CDs and DVDs. I came across this awesome resource from a link in Dr. Mercola's newsletter: How To Make Damaged CDs Work Again.

RSS Feeds

I mentioned back in this entry that I had finally figured out the whole RSS feed thing. Want to know? :)

First, I wanted to mention…if there are some of you out there who may still be using Internet Explorer and Outlook…umm…don't. Both IE and Outlook are well-known for their viruses, pop-up ads and spam. There are safer alternatives!

I have been using Firefox (web browser) and Thunderbird (mail) for a couple of years now, so I can highly recommend them! First of all, they are FREE!

Firefox is very customizable. You can make it look anyway you want, plus there are lots of extensions (also free) that you can download to go with it. I have such options as colored tabs, adblock, javascript security, Bible search bar, google search bar with highlighting, calculator, and weather. There are so many to choose from! The best thing about Firefox though, besides the tabbed browsing, is the security that it offers by blocking pop-ups, spyware, and viruses.

If you are hesitant to switch to firefox out of fear of losing your bookmarks — don't be. It is very EASY to integrate your bookmarks (as well as your email) when you switch to Firefox/Thunderbird.

All I can say about Thunderbird is…NO SPAM! Thunderbird has excellent junk mail controls. Once you mark something as junk, you can have any further mail from that sender automatically deleted before it ever reaches your inbox.

Okay, now that I have given you the whole Mozilla plug, I will explain the RSS. It is sooo easy.  I didn't even need a tutorial to figure it out, although I found a good one here. Your Thunderbird will pretty much walk you through it.

To subscribe to a blog feed, you need to know what it is. Here at homeschoolblogger, the feed account is the user name is)

For instance, to subscribe to my blog, the address would be
So if you were to subscribe to my blog, you would do so by going to RSS News & Blogs, Manage Subscriptions, Add, and put for the URL

It's that simple! You can add as many different blog feeds as you want, and as people post to those blogs, you will get the updates in your email!


  1. LadyMother says

    How did you get to be so smart! You must be a young’. Though terrified I am gonna try the foxfire thing. I have been getting “strange” emails for several months now – they seem to be entries in some wierd [and I mean WIERD] writing contest. My dd things someone has sold me ! Now that’s scary.

    Enjoy you so much. Be blessed.

    Miss Meg


  2. LadyMother says

    Okay. I did the deed but now I have no inbox and How do you do all that custom stuff you talked about? And now what do I do about BellSouth???? oh.oh.oh. I am so impulsive! And at my age! Maybe my administrator [ dh ] can figure out what I’ve done…

    Miss Meg


  3. Anonymous says

    Relax. We can do this. :) Did you download Thunderbird? If so, when you install it, it will enable you to import all of your mail from Outlook. If there isn't a wizard to talk you through it (there should be), then you open Thunderbird and go to tools –> import, and select address, mail, and settings. That will install all of your thinks from outlook.

    Edited by Janne on Apr. 18, 2006 at 4:58 PM


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