I haven’t written about the weekend yet

I turned 35 on Saturday.

It was so nice to have a large family to celebrate with! On Friday evening Sunflower made me a peanut butter pie to stand in for a cake. It was delicious!

Saturday and Sunday were very busy days!

We left our home on Saturday to head toward Orlando to pick up a gift we’d bought for Sunflower that couldn’t be delivered. On the way there we made a few stops. Our first stop was at Target to buy gifts for the gift exchange at church the next day. (I just love the $1 Spot at Target).

We then headed to a little town on the way to Orlando where there is a large home decor store. I used my Christmas money from my mom to buy a ceramic rooster for my kitchen, plus we bought a new high chair for Little King.

After we left that store (with poor dh PAINFULLY stressed out), we stopped by a cute little family owned cafe in the downtown area. It was a pleasure meeting the owner. She was quite friendly, and very obviously a Christian. She also delighted in my children, which is a real plus. She said she had come from a large family herself.

The children enjoyed their macaroni and cheese and the train sets that were running in the cafe, as well as a big box of toys in the corner. I’ll definitely give this restaurant an A+ in friendly service, cleanliness, and atmosphere. If you are ever in Central Florida, I recommend a trip to the Whistle Stop Cafe in Plant City.

After our visit to the cafe, we headed on to Orlando, stopping first to pick up Sunflower’s gift, then at an area church for their “Ice Festival”.

The Ice Festival was amusing. The ads had related that there would be “real snow”. The “snow” turned out to be tiny bubbles from a bubble machine.

The children had a great time though. There was a living nativity, $1 hot dogs, and several little games that the children could play for 25¢. Ant and Gator aced the ring toss game and cleaned them out of stuffed animals!

We had to make a Walmart stop on the way home for groceries, and had a pleasant talk with another Christian woman in the seasonal department. We were all exhausted, but it is so nice to meet other Christians when we are out and about that we chatted for quite awhile.

Needless to say, everyone collapsed directly into bed (and on couches for those who couldn’t make it that far) as soon as we arrived home.

….Then up and at ‘em first thing Sunday morning. Rob and Sunflower prepared sweet potato casserole for our church dinner and corn chowder for some friends that have just had a baby.

It was a long day at church. We had a white elephant gift exchange and a dinner on the grounds, then stopped at Sam’s on the way home to pick up our Christmas cards. We didn’t arrive home until after 6 pm.

Yesterday we finished our Christmas baking and delivered treats to our neighbors.

I attempted to work on our Christmas newsletter, without success. If you read my entry about the death of my laptop, you’ll understand. See, although I am working from that drive (hooked up to the desktop computer), my MS Publisher won’t come up. Grrrr. So, Rob brought home a laptop from work to use that has Publisher on it, but I can’t use my newsletter template on it either…because it was written in Publisher 2002 and Rob’s laptop from work has Publisher 2000 on it.
Have I mentioned how much I detest Microsoft?

So, I’ll have to start from scratch on my newsletter…meaning it may be well after Christmas before those on our Christmas card list receive one.

Oh well…

Jesus lives! That’s what Christmas is all about anyway!



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